Site unreachable, please check

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Subject: Site unreachable, please check
Posted by:  GianniC (gianni.cuc…
Date: 30 May 2007

Please, I need to check if this website is really unreachable from
countries and from some internet providers.
Some customers are telling me that they can't see the website.

The Dns recorsd and the apache configuration seems to be ok,

Below the current apache conf section,
the website main url is www[dot]chentulunas[dot]com
the url unreachable is www[dot]chentulunas[dot]it
www[dot]chentulunas[dot]it is a apache server_alias


ServerName www[dot]chentulunas[dot]com
DocumentRoot /home/admin/www[dot]chentulunas[dot]com/html
ServerAlias "www[dot]chentulunas[dot]it" "chentulunas[dot]it"

ScriptAlias "/cgi-bin/" "/home/admin/"
CustomLog "/home/admin/www[dot]chentulunas[dot]com/access_log"
ErrorLog "/home/admin/www[dot]chentulunas[dot]com/error_log"
<Directory /home/admin/www[dot]chentulunas[dot]com/html>
Options Includes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All

please could you cofirm that the website is reachable
at the following url www[dot]chentulunas[dot]it

Thank you