is my site get hacked?

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Subject: is my site get hacked?
Posted by:  visu (k.visu…
Date: 25 May 2007

Hi ,

i am running a website and nowadays I found some strange files in my
ftp area. all files are html files... i am runnig my website in
Windows server, IIS + ASP. in IIS i kept index.asp as default file so
my site has not defaced.. the one tried this defacement attempt
uploaded index.html to my website's ftp area.I am sure i never
uploaded those files.. While opening those files they carries words
like game over .. and ur site has been hacked .. who uploaded those
files ? is it possible to upload those files to my website? it
surprises me becoz i am the only one knows my website ftp username and
password? can anyone tell what kind of attack is this and how can i
prevent or protect myself from this kind hacks?