Migrating a website with dreamweaver

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Subject: Migrating a website with dreamweaver
Posted by:  sebz…@gmail.com
Date: 24 May 2007


I have a simple question. I'm now working with an enterprise to make a
brand new Website for them. They'll be iring an external firm to do
the structure and template of the new site and I'm there to integrate
the content of the old site in the new structure.

I'll be working with Dreamweaver CS3 and the webmaster where I work
(who is not really technically savvy btw) wants me to copy all the
pages (and there is a hell of a lot of them!) in word documents to
then copy those word documents to dreamweaver.

Now, I'm trying to skip this long step of passing by Word and I want
to know what would be the easiest way of doing the migration without
keeping the old junk markup of the old site (center, font) and be an
easy thing even if the new site is in XHTML.

In other words, what option is the best:

- Copy in dreamweaver from Word with the clean word tags option
- Copy from the old site to dreamweaver with the clean html option
- Copy from the old site with no formatting at all and reformat
everything from scratch with the CSS styles in dreamweaver.

Thanks in advance