redirection by htaccess and stop the bot

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Subject: redirection by htaccess and stop the bot
Posted by:  r.a.m. memory boomer 64 (
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007

I' thinking to redirect a referring link originally directed to my home
page, to a different page placed in a different web site and I want
indicate in robots.txt and in html tags of this page, not to indexing
the page.
I need to know if the search enginse bots (for example Google) when they
exclude a page they look at the URL placed in the definitive referring
page or in the original linking page?
My idea is to make google and other search engines remove this link to
my home from search-engine page putting a indication in the server in
which  I have redirected this link. Do you think could it work?
....If I put this ban in my homepage server (through robots.txt) my web
site is excluded from the search engine!