Personal/professional e-mail domain - how to?

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Subject: Personal/professional e-mail domain - how to?
Posted by:  Dave Boland (NoSp…
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007


I have a friend that has a small business and no web site
(and he wants to keep it that way).  Currently he uses
e-mail forwarding to have a professional looking e-mail
address (i.e. J…  Due to a problem with his
ISP he will be leaving.  What he wants is his own domain
that he controls (but not hosts) for e-mail only.

How is this done if there is no web hosting involved?  Can
he still register a domain and place it with whatever host
he wants?  So far all I have found is places for web hosting
and e-mail, not just e-mail.  Any other ideas?