plain text vs HTML emails - response rates?

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Subject: plain text vs HTML emails - response rates?
Posted by:  ship (shiph…
Date: 18 May 2007


It seems that our plain text (ASCII) emails are out-performing our
HTML emails to our customer list - which is about 50,000 UK email
i.e. A 3.7% response rate for text emails and 2.6% for HTML emails.

- Do you guys find plain text more effective than HTML emails?
- How do the overall numbers compare to your experiences?

The text content on the emails was essentially identical in every
other way...
- Would it be worth trying HTML emails with NO IMAGE at all?

Shiperton Henethe

P.S. By response rate I mean that for every 100 emails sent, up to
3.7 users are taking some action on our website (asking for more
information about a choice of subjects in this case).