SSL connection not working for some people?

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Subject: SSL connection not working for some people?
Posted by:  Pupkin (
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007

I just set up a site at a new host, and I'm having a weird problem where
the shared SSL they provide just flat doesn't work for some users.

When I try to access I get "page
cannot be displayed" and "Unable to connect" errors in either IE or
Firefox using several different PCs on the same LAN.

When Tech support told me it was set up correctly on their end, I sent
the link out to some friends, and some of them experienced the same
problem I did, while others said it worked fine.

I can access the hosting account's non-secure URLs without any problem
whatsoever, and when I ping the URL, it responds from the appropriate IP

Has anyone ever experienced an SSL URL that worked for some people but
others couldn't connect to it? Any ideas why this might happen?