Degaging the structure of a site

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Subject: Degaging the structure of a site
Posted by:  sebz…
Date: 14 May 2007


I'm a 20 years old student who just started a summer job to help a
Webmaster in an organization recreate their site (the old site is ugly
and cluttered).

I have a background with HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and I'm in
the process of learning XML technologies.

Now, unfortunately, I noticed that the job wont make me use those
skills of mine. The Webmaster there doesn't have a big technical
background and the foundation of the site is supposed to be done by an
other company. Our job will be to place the content of the old site in
this new foundation (and there's a lot of content!)

Now, the webmaster wants me to get the old site in a tree-like
structure in word, including every link to every page. They want to do
that to look at the tree at the end and decide what they keep and what
they trow and in what order it's presented. My question is : Is there
an easy way to create such a structure instead of copy/paste
everything and loosing my time with this. A software or something?

He also want me to copy all the text of those pages in some other
documents to paste the information in the new site when it's
available. I asked him why we don't just copy data from the old site
to the new site and he told me the old deprecated tags stay with the
code this way (like <font>, <center> ...). But they work with
dreamweaver and I'm sure this software as the ability to paste
information without any formating in the back. Correct me if I'm

My second preoccupation, since they still are in planning mode, I
wonder if I could make them consider an already built CMS like Drupal
or Joomla!. They want a shopping system, a member area, dynamic
content by the members and lots of those things that can be done with
those CMSs.

Now, if I can convince them, I could be doing what I like
(implementing the CMS) and they would save money (no need for an extra
firm to make their site). The organization's webmaster is scared that
at the end of the summer he wont be able to maintain the site with
such an option (since I wont be there anymore). So, the way they want
to do their site is proceed with the external firm and find a
pluggable solution for the shopping section of the site. I think it's
a lot of work for nothing.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to possibly convince them about
the good of this solution?