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Subject: Question On Moving
Posted by:  servitum (ser.vit…
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007

a little background:
I have my home page on an ISP which offers "no service" 56k dialup.

I've had do abandon dialup and convert to DSL. My account expires 9/1.
I'm thinking of, or planning to move my web page to another ISP.

I've spent several years building some small amount of traffic, and have
links spread all over Usnet almost 4 years deep.

When I move my page to another site, all these links will begin to get
"Page not found..."

The site I'm thinking of departing suggests moving a month before
expiration and using that month for auto transfer and notice to search
engines. They will not maintain a more user friendly err msg after

What is the best way of moving a site and at least mitigating the impact
on traffic... and all those years of links ?

Any feedback deeply appreciated.

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