Disinformation, rumours, and lies

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Subject: Disinformation, rumours, and lies
Posted by:  Matt Probert (commen…@probertencyclopaedia.com)
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007

Last November I took advice from usenet and respectable forums and
severely restructed The probert Encyclopaedia.

Six months on and I am still severely regretting it!

One piece of disinformation which I was given regarded changed page
names. I was advised to use a redirect (using .htaccess etc) to point
requests to the new file name.

Today I encountered this from Google:

URL Removals
To remove content from the Google index, do one of the following:
Ensure that requests for the page return an HTTP status code of either
404 or 410.
Block the page using a robots.txt file.
Block the page using a meta noindex tag.
Your content will then be removed from the index the next time Google
crawls your site.

In other words, redirections may leave references to the old page
names in the Google index, which can be a problem, particularly when
the old page has been split into several new pages, and the
redirection sends the reader to incorrect data.

I strongly (and ironically) urge webmasters to be wary of dominant
ideologies and suggestions banded around in usenet and forums such as
webmaster world, they cost me thousands of pounds over the past six
months and may yet prove the demise of the Probert Encyclopaedia.


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