having trouble with I.E. "information bar" blocking content on local HTML file.

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Subject: having trouble with I.E. "information bar" blocking content on local HTML file.
Posted by:  garybeck (solarb…@comcast.net)
Date: 5 May 2007


I put a simple HTML page on a local drive.  it's for my kids, to have
a home page when they open up I.E.  It just has some text, and a few
videos - a couple You Tube things they like to watch, and some locally
stored MOV files.

EVERY time they open up the browser, the darn "information bar" on IE
pops up and tries to block Active-X controls.

First it tells them they have there is activeX content that could harm
their computer

Then when they click OK, it asks them if they are SURE they want to
allow the activeX content.

Then when they say OK, it pops up another verification for each movie
on the page.  There are about 12 movies on there so every time they
open their browser they have to click OK about 15 times before they
can even look at the page.  It is very annoying, especially for 3-year
old kids!

I've tried playing with the security settings but it seems there's
something about the fact that the HTML file is on a local drive,
instead of out on a web server, and nothing gives.  And even if that
was the trouble, why should I have to turn off security just so I can
open a local file?

I could put the page out on a web server, but it seems nuts... what
the heck?  why is IE driving me nuts with this?  there's nothing that
risky about delivering a web page from a local drive.. I'd think it
would be safer than otherwise.    Plus, I'd like them to be able to
open the page if the internet connection is down...  so i'd like to
keep it on the local drive.

Any ideas?  is there some setting I haven't found yet?  this is very