Need Help Choosing Blog Software (MoveableType?)

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Subject: Need Help Choosing Blog Software (MoveableType?)
Posted by:  jephperro (jeff.perreau…
Date: 1 May 2007

Hi Everyone,

I'm in a dilly of a pickle, and am hoping someone can give me some

I've never done any blogging before, and now my boss wants me to
create a web site where users can come and create a blog.  So our site
will have links to all the blogs that our users have created.  We'll
host the images and store content in our database.

What's a good solution to use?  If I can't find a 3rd party solution
I'll have to create my own from scratch using PHP and MySQL.

Blog software like Joomla and Serendipity seem to be designed for one
blog at a time, rather than a blog server.

I've been looking and there seems to be only 2 choices:  MoveableType
and Webpress.

Anyone had any experience with creating a server to host multiple