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Subject: Online Store
Posted by:  mcp6453 (mcp64…
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007

I want an online store for three or four items. has the
services I need, but I would like to find one of their competitors with
lower fees. Presently I have my own secure site and my own credit
card/merchant account, so I have the lowest fees possible. However, I
have to semi-manually process the charges by importing a text file into
PCCharge Pro (terrible choice.)

It would be worthwhile to pay a little more not to have to deal with my
own merchant account. Unfortunately sales of the items are low, but
worthwhile, so low fees are important. Are there any web sites that
compare online stores with integrated credit card processing, like,, and Can someone make
a recommendation for sites to consider? My company has been in business
since 1978, so there is no problem qualifying for any type of account,
as it relates to credit worthiness.