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Subject: Help with weird problem
Posted by:  TimeTraveller (GastropodGraphi…
Date: 27 Apr 2007

A couple of minutes ago, on my desktop computer, I put my mouse on
Start which pulls up all the applications. I headed my mouse towards
the top name in the list, which is my Internet Explorer button.

Below that is my Email button.

I guess I must have started clicking too soon because I clicked on the
Email button and I guess sort of dragged it towards the Internet
Explorer button. But I let go.

Then, I tried to open my email - which is automatically configured to
open with mail from my domain name. The sign in box keeps coming up
that I input the wrong password.

I then went to my webhost - Ipower, and tried to sign into the Vdeck,
and it won't let me do that, either. Says "Forbidden." Indeed, I can't
access any of my webpages from that computer - they all say Forbidden.

So now I'm on my laptop, and have no problem getting into my Email or
my Vdeck, and all my webpages come up with no problem.

So my question is - what on Earth did I do that caused this problem on
that computer, and how can I fix it? I tried restarting the computer -
that didn't do any good.