Running a website anonymously

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Subject: Running a website anonymously
Posted by:  Monoceros1…
Date: 26 Apr 2007

I'm a young, professional woman who has done some simple freelance
webdesign in the past. Because I'm an adult survivor of childhood
abuse, my therapist and I have decided it might be fruitful for me to
create a "sex-positive" alt-porn site.  Nothing for profit-- just for

But I have very severe privacy concerns about this.  In addition to
all the aforementioned childhood issues, I had a very bad stalking
experience several years ago, and the perpetrator is still out there.
Plus, even if that person never became a problem again, I dont want
anyone new, and I suspect that female webmasters of sex-positive sites
would be very prone to attract those kinds of types. So, in the end,
it's very very important to me that nobody could trace the site back
to me.  I wouldn't want the site to show up on my credit report or for
anyone to easily figure out who's "behind" the site.  So, I don't
wanna use any credit card with my name on it, a bank account with my
name on it, or give out my home phone/home address.  I guess I should
say- I'm certainly not trying to be criminal or anything, so  I'm
don't care if the police or FBI or legitimate authorities have the
ability to trace the site back to me, I want to make sure that nobody
else can find out who I am.

So, is there a way to do these things:

-Get a website without giving out my name, credit card numbers, or
phone numbers.  Giving out a PO box would be okay with me.
-Not have the website be "payment required in order to view the
site".  Banner ad support is okay.
-No go "in debt" because of bandwidth.  I'm not out to make a profit,
but I would like to roughly break even, more or less.
-Let me have some rudimentary control over what sort of content
appears on the website.  No radically anti-women ads, no ten-thousand-
popups just to view the site.
-Let me "own" the site, by which I mean, if by some one-in-a-billion-
chance it gets super popular, I would like to be able to still control
what server it's on, etc.
-PHP/MySQL would be a plus.
-Not much space needed-- no videos or anything, just pictures and

Is there any way to do all this?  Any suggestions or advice greatly