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Subject: Re: The next new thing on the web?
Posted by:  dp (noreplyhe…
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007

veg_a… wrote:
> I have been using the web since 1994 and have noticed the following
> evolution trend:
> Pre 1990's - Text dominated web
> 1990-1995 - Pictures added
> 1995-2000 - Audio added
> 2000-2010 - Video added
> 2010+ - ?????
> Now that we have text, pictures, audio and video, what more is there
> to the web? I think we are at the end of what the web can promise.
> Now things will just get more standardized and stable over the next
> 10-30 years.

Kind of reminds me of the guy in the 1870's who stated that everything
useful that could be invented had already been invented.

The trends you noted are all about how our senses interpret information.
There's only 5 senses and I don't foresee a major technology in the
immediate future for transmitting touch and smell unless it's in the virtual
reality realm. But evolution of the net isn't only about new ways to
perceive information, it's also about new means of delivering and using that

"Internet Everywhere" isn't a reality yet. New requirements for the delivery
and presentation of data need to happen to make it work. Probably involving
new types of information. Think of what you might like to have in a net
enabled automobile. Would you use info to continuously monitor the vehicle
mechanicals?; Place an order at the Burger Doodle drive through?; Start the
car on a cold morning?; Monitor you and keep you awake?

And don't forget that they're putting electronic circuitry in a fabric used
for clothing now. What info would you like delivered to your shirt and how
would it need to be presented?




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