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Subject: Re: The next new thing on the web?
Posted by:  Sam Alex (samal…
Date: 26 Apr 2007

On 2007-04-24, veg_a… <veg_a…> wrote:
> I have been using the web since 1994 and have noticed the following
> evolution trend:
> Pre 1990's - Text dominated web
> 1990-1995 - Pictures added
> 1995-2000 - Audio added
> 2000-2010 - Video added
> 2010+ - ?????
> Now that we have text, pictures, audio and video, what more is there
> to the web? I think we are at the end of what the web can promise.
> Now things will just get more standardized and stable over the next
> 10-30 years.

I think the web will start to move into every crack of everyone's lives, not
that it's not already there for some.  I think as speeds start increasing,
folks will find ingenious ways of using the Internet, I mean who thought
VoIP would take off like it has, or that folks would be downloading music
and videos from the Internet.  IN the days of dial-up this idea would've
been nuts.

I honestly think what comes in 2010 and beyond we can't even imagine right
now.  I bet folks will do more remote-control type stuff as the speeds start
getting faster, example being you have one person playing piano on one site
but robotic arms mimicing the movements on a remote piano 1000 miles away.
Also with wifi becoming more available, I think there are things we're just
now starting to see that are possible with always-on anywhere connectivity.

It's scary in a way...  When I first touched the Internet in 1993 it was
more of a way to communicate with friends and family over email and IRC,
plus a fun alternative to BBSing.  I mean I remember hitting via
FTP in 1994 and having access to way more files then any local BBS had, and
no waiting for a free line.

Times they are a changin', but only time will tell if it's all for the good.




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