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Subject: Re: The next new thing on the web?
Posted by:  CJM (cjmnews…
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007

"Alfred Molon" <alfred_molonCANC…> wrote in message
> Perhaps the intelligent web?

Now that's the most ridiculous and far-fetched suggestion yet. I can assure
you there will never be intelligence on the web, and especially not in

>An artifical intelligence in the web, which
> takes over the world...

Oh, I see what you mean. Now this is a real possibilty. It will start as
crime-prevention spider/crawler designed to find people who are trading in
obscene materials/not paying enough tax, but will quickly realise that it's
job would be simpler if the human race was extinguished.

Don't worry though, most regular members of A.W.W. can probably get a
discounted foil helmet. Nevertheless, I think we should get Linda Hamilton
on-board just in case.




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