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Subject: Re: The next new thing on the web?
Posted by:  Nathan In Montana (MontanaJeep…
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007

<veg_a…> wrote in message
>I have been using the web since 1994 and have noticed the following
> evolution trend:
> Pre 1990's - Text dominated web
> 1990-1995 - Pictures added
> 1995-2000 - Audio added
> 2000-2010 - Video added
> 2010+ - ?????
> Now that we have text, pictures, audio and video, what more is there
> to the web? I think we are at the end of what the web can promise.

we are nowhere near reaching the full potential of the web.  as broadband
speeds get higher and higher, so will content.  i expect virtual reality
next.  :-)

Nathan in Montana


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