Protecting my identity from websites

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Subject: Protecting my identity from websites
Posted by:  Ajanta (ajan…@null.void)
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007

I participate in a few forums where I'd like to safeguard my true

Users are supposed to be anonymous, but what kind of information can
nosy people at that end obtain through cookies? For example, can they
just download any file from my computer? My email history?!?

I am also concerned about the name of my computer (a mac). When I first
bought it and provided my normal info to OSX installer, the computer
got named after me: "So-and-So's Computer". Is this name transmitted to
webmasters? Can they get it?

In similar vein, my sometimes my SO and I join the same forum. Is there
a way to keep them from knowing that we use the same computer?