Weird email redirect problem

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Subject: Weird email redirect problem
Posted by:  E-Star (unix_co…
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007

This is somewhat a webmaster problem so I'm posting it here.

It's a confusing situation.  A company was purchased including it's
website, which I am now hosting (both web and email).  The transfer was
less than smooth and the domain ended up expiring.  The original owners
(or hosts or whoever) got back the domain via a SnapNames auction.

They gave me access to their SnapNames account which I tranferred within
SnapNames to another newly created account.  So this is an internal
transfer with SnapNames.

Ok, so for a month the website has been working fine and I have been
getting incoming emails all along.  So far so good.....until a few days

Emails sent from my place of work to this domain gets redirected to the
original owners/hosts of the domain, which is a Hotmail account!!  So
email from more than one sender at my place of work all gets redirected.
This is true to more than one account for the domain I host.  But just
the one domain I host not others.

So in Summary:

use… -> use…  (redirected)
use… -> use…  (redirected)
use… -> use…  (redirected)
use… -> use…  (redirected)

use… -> use…  (works fine)
use… -> use…  (works fine)

So after winning the domain back it got placed in,
which is garbage, but that's besides the point.  It doesn't even offer
DNS service so I set up DNS service through

I'm not seeing those emails by my server at all in my SMTP logs.  The
DNS service with is newly created.

So my question is, where are these being redirected from?

I called and they said all their record contains is
the nameservers to

My place of work does not do their email inhouse.  The have their
website and email hosted via their ISP.  I have access to their account
setup, and nowhere via that web interface does it show that anything
should be redirected, and especially to that Hotmail account which has
nothing to do with them.

My guess is with the garbage registrar but I'm not
sure if they could or would have some sort of MX record.  My DNS and MX
records have been confirmed to be correct and point to my server.  And
it has been setup for a month so propegation is not an issue.

Ok, the first reply is going to be someone telling me to look at the
header of a redirected email.  Remember how I said the transfer didn't
go all that well?  I've asked twice via email and one I left a
voicemail.  So far no luck in getting the full email source.

But where do other people think the problem is?  It seems like an MX
record issue but my account was newly created and I didnt
put no forwarding entry in there to some guy's Hotmail account.  So I'm
left with the registrar.