What's up with livejournal ( ... hotlinking)?

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Subject: What's up with livejournal ( ... hotlinking)?
Posted by:  Chuck Anderson (websiteaddre…@seemy.sig)
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007

Earlier today one livejournal site hotlinked to one of my site's images
and suddenly sites all over the place are requesting the same image.
Some are at livejournal.com and others are simply using a local file
called lj.php at their domain.  Within five minutes about 50 different
sites (different domains and IP addresses) were all requesting that
image - and they keep trickling in all day now.  What is the deal with

I redirect hotlinkers, but I can not believe the flood of file requests
coming from live journal associated sites today.

Are they like THE biggest bandwidth stealing organization on the net
(besides myspace)?  I'm tempted to give the whole domain the 403.  Does
livejournal actually condone this sort of thing?

Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO