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Subject: multiple domain names pointing to 1 site
Posted by:  Tom J (tomne…
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2007

I've looked in many forums, done a google search but can't find a
definitive answer.

I have 2 domains that are paid to 2010. One of these domain names just
has dummy pages with a message to click on the link to get to the
other domain site (no auto roll-over). Both these domains are listed
well in the search listings. I intend to keep both domain names active
because I don't want anyone picking the dummy domain up and using it.
I am going to move to another host because of increasing problems I'm
having with my current webhost that I've been with 6 years. The domain
names are registered with another company that only does domain names.

This brings me to the question.  I am down to 3 host that are on my
short list and all are now offering a domain name for free for life as
long as they are your host. They also allow multiple domains on a
single site. Would there be any advantage of getting a new domain that
is compatible with my current domains as the "free" domain and upon
the move to the new host, have all 3 names point to the same website?
Would the search engines do a listing for all 3?

Thanks for any advice or experience.

Tom J