Pornography, killer of the Internet?

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Subject: Pornography, killer of the Internet?
Posted by:  Matt Probert (commen…
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2007

Quite understandably, web sites carrying adverts for hard core
pornography, swingers clubs and similarly controversial (controversial
within the UK) are not welcome into British schools, businesses, and
other socially responsible locations.

This then means all web sites carrying adverts from Valueclick or
Google are doomed.

I regularly receive complaints (hopefully  this is now past tense)
from respectable companies who have been showing clients data in my
web site, only to be presented with an inappropriate advert. An advert
I have not sanctioned, but which is being delivered by the very large,
international and reputable advertising agency, Valueclick.

Then there's Google adsense. Supplying adverts for hard core
pornographic service ("hot gay videos" one advert I saw read) which no
matter how welcome to some readers, will certainly result in my site
being banned from every school in the UK.

I fear that an irresponsible approach to advertising by Valueclick and
Google (and possibly others) may kill the web as we know it, with
small advertising-supported sites being driven out of business.

Matt Probert