How big is this hosting company?

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Subject: How big is this hosting company?
Posted by:  hansBKK (
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007

Due diligence in looking for good web hosting companies.

Many web hosting companies are quite small. Personally I don't like the
quality and speed of support at the really huge companies; I prefer
dealing with one where the owner is still involved in day-to-day

However, I'd probably prefer an operation with at least a handful of
staff rather than a one-man show. So I'm putting together my pre-sales
questions in this area, and looking for help here in two areas:

1 Please help me refine my questions - delete/add/edit, or just comment

2 Please tell me how/if I could independently find any of this
information out myself using various utilities and websites available.


Do you resell hosting? (My definition - yes to all three:)
                Do you own your servers?
                Do you have root access?
                Can you physically enter the data centre and maintain the
hardware yourself?
        If yes, who is your upstream provider?
        If not, what data center/NAP do you use?

How many servers?

How many technical support staff do you have? How many employees total?

About how many domains do you host?

About how many active customers do you have?

Can you provide a few ULRs of the larger or better-known sites currently
hosted by you?


Thanks in advance for your help.