endless page-zone dead ends

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Subject: endless page-zone dead ends
Posted by:  chris-goog…@pobox.com
Date: 2 Apr 2007

Hi all -

I'm posting here out of desperation.  I have a reseller account on
Page-Zone that I use for a handful of very simple vanity sites.  Like
one page each, 10 visitors a month, woohoo.  I've had the account for
a few years, although honestly I haven't used it much until the last
year or so.

I've got a technical problem that requires that I get some support
from Page-Zone, and that's where I've been stuck for a week now.

I've searched this newsgroup and seen the commentary about how Jim
Snape (PZ admin) discovered in January that his servers weren't being
maintained properly, and since then has been up to his nose in re-
work.  I've seen posts from people leaving PZ.  But I also know that
frequently you'll see negative posts in these web forums when in
general everything is OK.

Alas, for me it is pretty bad.  I can't get into a site that I just
set up two weeks ago.  I can't get into the [new] trouble ticketing
system because the registration process goes nowhere.  I can't even
LOOK at the trouble ticket queue.  I can't register in their customer
forum system (same problem) and I can't even LOOK at the forums
because I'm not registered.  I found two phone numbers and there's no
answer at both.

Can anyone help me get their attention?  I so so so much do NOT want
to have to migrate my sites to another provider.

- Chris