buzzing noise using a BT inductive loop

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Subject: buzzing noise using a BT inductive loop
Posted by:  rlz (rob…
Date: Mon, 9 May 2011

I have a Widex Inteo hearing aide, which works well in most
situations.  Recently, I purchased a Maxit Pulse inductive loopset to
utilze Bluetooth with my Blackberry. My audiologist has tried to get
it to work, but when I talk using the Maxit, the person receiving my
call just hears alot of buzzing.  It sounds like a swarm of
mosquitos.  We have sent the maxit and my hearing aide back to Widex
for service and they just sent me back a new maxit.  The problem still
exist.  I have paired the hearing aide and Maxit to another cell
phone, with the same results.

I've emailed Maxit for support, but no response.  Has anyone seen or
heardabout this issue?