Acoustitone hearing aid on Amazon

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Subject: Acoustitone hearing aid on Amazon
Posted by:  Lono (londotpennel…
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011

After a senior-citizen friend showed me her Kaiser audiogram (rolloff
above 1kHz down to -60 at 4kHz) I recommended - as Kaiser did - that she
visit an audiologist and go through the normal procedures. Her rebuttal
was a do-it-yourself solution promoted on Amazon.

That $160 aid is not identified as digital, and looks like a
conventional analog BTE with a manual tone switch.

What is astonishing is that an enormous number of people have rated the
aid very highly.

The vendor's website also sells an aid called the "max" at $120, but it
looks suspiciously like very cheap "hearing amplifiers" sold for $20 up
by various catalog sellers and website.

What's going on here? Does that outfit have any legitimacy? Can the
product be that good?