Mason, what's new at your side of the world?

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Subject: Mason, what's new at your side of the world?
Posted by:  wgd.roami…
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009

Mason:  what's new.  Now mid-April, the winter crowd has left us with
breathing room again.  My winter-based 30-minute commute from SW
Sarasota to Longboat Key now is 20 minutes.

The Ringling Museum is coming under heavy $ pressure, lack of funds,
in spite of 'n'-fold increase in attendence, another Obama method to
screw the public.  Clearly he is a socialist.

Those who wanted change are going to get it not realizing what they
were wishing for.  Most all who wanted Obama change were Anti-Bush.
They fail to remember Bush and Cheney save us from  hits since 9/11;
for most Americans, 9/11 did not hit home - most haters really did not
know what they were against.  And Obama did a good job at saying
nothing.  We will have to put up with a hellish four years.  Hopefully
the Republicans will get their messed up act together.  McCain did not
have the stomach, the drive to be President.

Meanwhile, the New York Times will go out of business along with a
handfull of leftist papers.  Onward with O'Reilly!

  Yes, beautiful Sarasota, FL