Re: be Resound v Phonak Audeo YES

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Subject: Re: be Resound v Phonak Audeo YES
Posted by:  dsi1 (
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009

Saxman wrote:
> Anybody use these products?
> The Phonak has two microphone and 20 channnels.  However, the be Resound
> is more discreet.  Are two microphones essential?

Most BTEs these days will have dual mics. Most of the time, the aid will
operate in single mic mode. The second microphone is used in situations
where directionality is desired. In a noisy room this could be helpful
for suppressing sounds coming from behind. It's a small effect but most
manufacturers are going this route on their new BTEs.

My guess is that the natural directionality of the ear makes a single
mic on an in-the-ear aid not an issue. The be is a nifty aid if you are
able to wear one.


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