Decision Levels for Hearing Aids?

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Subject: Decision Levels for Hearing Aids?
Posted by:  H. Forstner (…
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009

Hello everybody,

my father has a big problem with his hearing.

Up to now he has a hearing aid from Siemens, which is not loud enough

I know there are newer products on the market, but which are pretty
expensive. In Germany up to 3000,- Euros for each Ear.

We went to a Shop, but I had the feeling they want to sell my father
anything, if it solves his problem or not, as long as he pays

My Question:

With the actual hearing aids on the market, is there a level
(roundabout) of hearing loss to which an aid is effective?


Somebody has lost 70% of his hearing & understanding ability. Can the
aid help him to understand his neighbor again? Or is it wasted money?

Where is the Transition Level, (Aid or not), at 40% or... ?

Is there also such a Level for beginners of hearing problems?

Since I am a Technician I would like to test my own ears.
I have a good Audiogeneratorsystem and I can check if the Output
Signal is OK.

How much level dB does the usual testequipment apply to the ears?

My Background:

I work for a church office and I'm responsible for the audio systems
in more than 100 Churches.

Surely a lot of people come and ask for help.
Up to know I install Infrared Headsets from Sennheiser in the Church
and 99% are satisfied with it.

But I'm seeking for a good solution when they leave the hall...

thanks in advance