Ken's CI - Update 6 and final final report.

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Subject: Ken's CI - Update 6 and final final report.
Posted by:  Ken (in…
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009

Maree, in another thread, asked how my CI was going. I was implanted
in late 2006 and made five reports describing the whole process -  the
last one in April 2007 (which I intended to be the last). Anyone
interested can access these, and reports by others on CI, through
Google Groups.

I really have nothing to add - for me my hearing, in the implanted
ear, is excellent - up to 6k when, pre-implant, I could hear only up
to 750. I have a Phonak in the other ear which I miss when it is away
for repair. But 90% of my functional hearing is done through the CI.
And the subjective experience is no different from any other hearing
aid (as with any other aid, the initial experience - called 'switch-
on' - is strange but this wears of in hours/days).

So my message about CI is that it offers hope. When you can no longer
function adequately with a normal hearing aid you can go the CI route
and have your hearing restored to what it was 10 - 20 years ago.

I don't find it so good for music but, with the Phonak in the other
ear, I spend many hours happily listening to clips on You Tube - vocal
stuff comes through fine. Music experience with CI varies - I was
reading yesterday of a lady who was implanted as a child, went to a
normal school and played clarinet in the school band.

Anyone is welcome to email me on this topic - I received generous help
before and after the operation from other CI recipients and am happy
to pass this on to others.