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Subject: Bi-PAP
Posted by:  Info (infoda…
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008

I have sleep apnea and wear a face mask.  The chin strap goes about an inch
under my ears and has been too tight lately because the mask was old and
tightening it was the only way I could keep it on.  I think I've put to much
pressure below, but not touching, the left ear.  Yesterday afternoon, it
plugged up.  It reminds me of what happens to my hearing when an ear gets
filled with water but tipping or bending my head doesn't clear up my hearing
as it does when water plugs up my ear.

When I cover the right ear, I can hear in the left, but it's very muffled.
Higher pitched sound doesn't appear to be affected much, but bass singing is
much, much harder to hear.  The latter, I'm sure, is due to the frequency

Have your ears ever plugged up like this without water being in them in
them?  How long did it take for the muffling to go away?  I have an
appointment with an otolaryngologist Tuesday.

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