understanding telephone electronics

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Subject: understanding telephone electronics
Posted by:  Ken (kkerris…@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008

In another thread I mentioned the Fike /Friend book with the above
title - 'Understanding telephone electronics' - as being  highly
readable and informative - not only about the technology but how the
telephone system evolved.

Someone called Bigelow brought out a new edition - added a few pages,
submerged the original authors, but, to his credit, he did not change
a word of their text.

Anyone looking for this title today will find that Bigelow has
received the same treatment he dispensed to Fike/Friend - the current
version shows Carr and Winder as the authors. I have not checked this
version but the odds are that, like Bigelow, they have left the Fike/
Friend stuff - which is the bulk of the book - the good stuff -

This may appear off-topic but it is not. Telephone is one of the
biggest challenges for the hearing-impaired and the Fike/Friend book
has helped me a lot in my struggle to retain access to this medium.