Can hearing aid prevent further hearing loss?

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Subject: Can hearing aid prevent further hearing loss?
Posted by:  rootworker (mandra…
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008

Hi All,

I've known for many years that I have a severe hearing problem (high
frequencies). Yesterday I attended a free screening (given, of course,
by a purveyor of hearing aids). Not unexpectedly, the results showed
the same steep falloff in the speech recognitions range. Different
this time, however, was the advice that if I don't get a hearing aid
quickly, I would quickly deteriorate beyond the point where they could
help, and, conversely, that using a hearing aid would arrest further
decline (by preventing further nerve atrophy.)

Now, I've pretty much decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair of
hearing aids, but the question now is whether I acquire them from this
person/company, or look elsewhere. So, first question is whether I
should believe this advice, or whether it's a basis for questioning
the credibility of its source.

Second question, along the same lines, regards their specific
recommendations. I was told that this firm carries "all major brands,"
however, the only ones they recommend for my kind of loss are Audio-D,
and Starkey. During subsequent research I was able to find info on
Starkey, but it appears that Audio-D's web address points to a defunct
site, which has served to arouse my suspicions.

So, do these recommendations sound legitimate?

Having decided to move forward with this acquisition, I'm resigned to
absorbing the cost of these devices, but I definitely can't afford to
make a mistake.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.