OT Killing meese

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Subject: OT Killing meese
Posted by:  Ken (kkerris…@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008

After posting info to another OT about killing and dismantling meese
(I'm on the other side of the Earth and this seems the right plural),
I have been thinking about the way that the Alaskan Government
recommends that meese be killed. They weigh about half a ton and their
hearts must be enormous. Yet the recommended killing method is a 'lung

During WW11 it became fairly well known in this part of the world that
Yanks were not real accurate with shooting - hence the tommy gun. But,
for goodness sake, how could anyone miss a moose heart which is about
as big as a human torso?

In Oz we have a lot of sheep and one problem the sheep have here is
blowfly strike. I remember as a child seeing the way maggots had made
their homes in the posteriors of these animals and an operation was
developed (called the Mules Operation) to render the relevant area
fleece-free and so strike-free.

So a mob of frenzied Yanks mounted a campaign against Oz wool because
of the 'inhuman' Mules Operation. Everyone of them (the Yanks I mean)
were beef/mutton eaters - OK to slaughter cows/sheep but don't
mutilate them! So there is talk of banning the Mules Op.

So the donkey candidate for president selects a running mate whose
main claim to fame (apart from incredibly high heels and gallons of
mascara) is that she managed to shoot a moose and butcher it (and,
with the help of her family, presumably eat it).

But a lung shot!!!!! Yuk!!!!!