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Subject: New to it all
Posted by:  Jalestra (tonali…
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008

Hello. My name is Angi and I'm 32. I hope I'm in the right place. I'm
kind of looking for help. I don't know exactly what I should do exactly.
    I've been noticing progressive hearing loss for about 5 years. It's
progressing so much that I'm afraid I'll be completely deaf in another
5. However, I am really having a lot of trouble getting people to
(ironically enough) listen to me. My doctor will not listen to me
because I never clean my ears (understand that the last time I cleaned
my ears I ended up having 2 surgeries..that's why I pay *him* to do it),
so he just says "well, they are clean now...let's see if that helps".
Every appointment is the same and it doesn't help that I don't know what
I should be doing to make this more clear. I have went from hearing my
children from the opposite end of the house to having a my stereo
blasting because the tv volume no longer goes high enough for me to
understand. I've requested testing, so he sticks me in a quiet room and
does that tone thing. Where of course, I can sit in quiet and focus
really hard on what I'm hearing. My problem seems to be different
sounds. If more than one sound is going at the same time I actually seem
to get overloaded. It's frustrating because I can't separate it all. I
have 4 kids and a husband, a baby monitor and his tv..sometimes it's so
much it's like my brain says "Ok, that's enough, we're shutting down". I
try to make it a joke when I come out of it "Sorry, what was that? I was
rebooting.", but it's very frustrating. With no one listening to me,
it's just enough to make me cry. How do I explain to the doctor that I
KNOW there's a problem? That used to I could pick every voice out of a
choir and now I do good to understand the words the entire choir is
saying? It's like hearing Charlie Brown's teacher talk sometimes, but in
the right conditions I can hear just fine. That makes my husband blow me
off..I can hear, sometimes. And those times are getting harder and less
frequent. Sometimes I just want to buy earplugs and get it over with.
The twilight periods are the know, you can't quite hear, but
you aren't deaf. It's just easier to stay at home...I'm afraid to drive
so I stopped, I can't stand the looks I get in restaurants when I have
to look to my husband to "translate" the waiter/waitress, people think
I'm rude because I walk on without a word, but I really didn't hear
their polite good morning or how are you, or whatever. I don't want to
claim title to "deaf" as I'm not and it's not right. But I say I'm hard
of hearing and then they talk to me like I'm from a foreign country.
Speak slow, in small words, and loud. When if they'd speak LONGER
sentences I'd probably have a better chance of working out what they
said. I'll get enough to be able to work out the rest. I'm sorry, I'm
just going on and on.

Quite frankly, I don't know what I need. I just know the problem...I'm
losing my hearing. What do I do? What do I ask for? How do I make sure I
get a doctor who will listen without shelling out scads of money finding
him? Most importantly WHY am I losing my hearing? I just want to know
who can help me figure out what to do and what to do about my life?
Currently I am a stay at home mom, but I homeschool my kids. I guess
that's enough. I'm hoping that as a support group you might be able to
steer me in a direction that will help me.