America Hears - just another boring, long-winded thread!

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Subject: America Hears - just another boring, long-winded thread!
Posted by:  WGD (wgd.roami…
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008

For three (3) months now, I have been wearing AmHrs SIEs, two of them.  All
too often I forget they are on.  Have gone to bed only to find something
between me and my pillow!  Let's not talk about the shower!

While America Hears SW abounds for tweaks and so forth, have decided, at
least for the forseeable future, to stay with the factory settings, the
later based on the chart originally submitted.

Have found that their wax protection "devices" - little, very little cups
with very tiny holes in them - captures wax and wax-like material before it
hits the little speakers.  I have gone through five pcs in the past month
(not all ears are equal).

Guys, NO One is paying me, no free batteries (those can be had via eBay),
these little gems work for me.  Yes, not all ears are made equal; however,
if yours is high-freq loss (I'm 69), then give these gems a chance.  You
have 60 days to try and return if not happy. For me and my thin wallet,
today, Am Hrs is the right choice.


BTW - someone finally woke up my brain - could not understand where this
industry uses the term 'receiver' when referring to the "speaker".  Edison
started with the word "receiver".