Acoustic Research AW722

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Subject: Acoustic Research AW722
Posted by:  Mason C (masonc2X…
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008

Someone mentioned the AW722 wireless earphone -- I've lost the
post and don't recall it.

I bought one on EBay for $17.98 total.

There is no microphone -- you plug the transmitter into sound as
you would your regular earphones.  Perhaps into a TV sound.

The quality of the sound is very good  (but have in mind my ears :-)
The distance is adequate for in-the-room use -- maybe 20 feet.

Just how an HOH will use them is not clear to me.
For some it my serve as "TV ears."

I've got it plugged into my computer sound.
Caveat:  computers sometimes belch.

      Mason C