Used Hearing Aids

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Subject: Used Hearing Aids
Posted by:  DonL (Do…
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008

I am using a pair of all in the ear aids that I paid $7,800 for 3 years
ago.  They are digital and programmable Starkey aids.

I want to buy a pair of canal aids but was wondering:

Is is possible to convert these all in the ear aids to canal aids?  I am
thinking not, but the working part of hearing aids is so small that I
wonder if the workings could be removed from these aids and re-done in
the form of canal aids?  I am thinking that this is not possible, but
would like to know.

The other question:  Do people advertise their used aids for sale?

I would sell these at a very low cost and the buyer could take them to
an audiologist, have them molded to fit their ears, then make the
necessary digital adjustments for their individual hearing.

I would like to know more about these options.

I hate to buy new aids and then just lay these in a drawer when they are
in perfect working condition and only 3 years old.