Oticon Delta: looks or technology?

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Subject: Oticon Delta: looks or technology?
Posted by:  zbrn…@gmail.com
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008


One aid on my shortlist of aids I have been offered (first time I am
buying one) is a mid-range Oticon Delta. The woman who presented it to
me in the shop said it was ideal for me as it combined a good-quality
aid with aesthetics for my mild level of hearing loss.

However, I took away a catalogue of the Oticon range and now see that
the Oticon Tego isn't bad either, and it's slightly cheaper. I'm only
just learning about aids, so it's difficult to understand all the
factsheets, but my main question is:

How much of the price of a Delta is for looks alone? What I mean is,
how does it compare technology-wise with other, more conventional-
looking and CHEAPER BTE aids (Oticon or otherwise)?

I could spend the time ploughing through the factsheets, but I thought
someone here might have an opinion, too. For me, price is definitely a
big factor. I'm not wooed by this 'look, you can hardly see it' sales
pitch. I don't care that people know I have a hearing problem: I even
suspect that if they know, it might be helpful.