ENT's Are Useless

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Subject: ENT's Are Useless
Posted by:  Hearing Loss (joelsema…@optonline.net)
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007

I have had it with these morons. Over 100 years of experience and they
all do the same freaken tests and come to same dumb
conclusions....Nothing> Take some supplements and avoid salt.

How about you go out and try something different why I go deaf every
other freaken week and all you want to do is test my hearing. A-holes
all of them. I have seen a half dozen. Had multiple MRI's, more
steroids then Barry bonds, A dozen diets, The list is endless..but
they never try anything different.

I am convinced it is an allergy or a virus/bacteria/fungus that causes
my hearing to start fade, my voice changes and it sounds like I have a
cold, but no phelm in my nose!!! A warbling pigeon sound in my left
ear, which is the worst one. and an overwhelming fatigue with
constant  yawning.

"probably psychosomatic!!!, keep your stress level down"
"watch your salt intake" Bshit: I tried to force an episode by eating
some serious salt..no go
Take the steriods and diuretic" Bshit: both are useless and proabably
do more harm then good. I lost like 20 pounds on the freaken Diuretic
and I am thin to begin with.

Allergists, Neurologies, Pulmanary.... I am allergic to Mold and Hay
fever...so what no allergy medicine on the market stops my hearing
from going.

I am seeing a Naturalpathic doctor now....joy...tons of money and we
are still shooting in the dark.

Does anyone have a brain anymore? Do people even think? I know my
ENT's don't. They are  machines.

I am at my last edge of hope. I do not know what to do next.