Sudden & total hearing loss on one side

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Subject: Sudden & total hearing loss on one side
Posted by:  Pete (heal…
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007

Hi all,

A recent sufferer seeking some support and hope...!

Last week I woke up with very loud ringing in my right ear (more like tire
squealing). I managed to doze off again, only to awake a little later to
total hearing loss on that side, together with EXTREME vertigo and nausea,
sweating buckets, non-stop vomiting. I was whisked into hospital via
ambulance, CT scan was normal, bloodwork was normal. I was in for three
days, on IV antibiotics and anti-vertigo/nausea meds. The monday after the
saturday I was discharged, I saw an ENT guy, who did all the tests,
including the sound booth and tuning fork etc. He told me what I already
knew - 100% hearing loss in my right ear. Called it Sudden Sensorineural
Hearing Loss. He quoted the following stats: 1/3 get hearing back, 1/3 get
some back, 1/3 get none back.  Those with severe vertigo (like me) tend to
fall in the latter category, unfortunately.  He prescribed 60mg prednisone
for two weeks, tapering off after that. I'm still on antibiotics. Aside from
the deafness, I have a constant feeling of pressure, and frequent ringing,
or even the faint sound of running water, like I can hear a garden feature
tinkling away. I'm no longer on the vertigo meds, but I'm still very
unsteady and limited in movement. I can walk slowly on level ground with a
stick, but that's about it.

A little more background on me:

39 yrs old, have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 20 yrs, been on most
associated drugs at some time or other, currently on prednisone (hah!) ,
mobic, and Humira injections. Can think of no particular event to cause
this. No loud noises, no allergy, no travel. I did work under the deck the
day before, where there is dirt and bugs. As a child (I think about 3yrs) I
was totally deaf due to infections in both ears until I had that op where
they stick tubes through your eardrums. I also had my adenoids removed. That
was a long time ago though, and no trouble since. The ENT doc didn't latch
onto that at all.

So, does this sound familiar?  Anyone have/had comparable symptoms?  Do you
agree with the 1/3 hearing return prognosis?  How long can I expect to have
this dizziness?

Any thoughts or words of encourangement would be very much appreciated!  :-(


Portland, OR