Please read and answer: ultrasonic masochistic fantasy

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Subject: Please read and answer: ultrasonic masochistic fantasy
Posted by:  Radium (glucege…
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007

<re-posted in hopes of getting reasonable responses>


I've always heard of infrasound having the ability to be lethal. What
about ultrasound? Can ultrasound be hazardous?

I'd love to hear of a case where infrasound was used for therapy and
actually cure or help treat ailments.

As for ultrasound. Well, I'll post my painful ultrasonic fantasy:

A coherent pure sine-wave tone of extreme pitch and loudness -- using
a SASER [Sound Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation]
-- is aimed into my left cochlea. I experience the following symptoms
[in my left ear *only*] as a resulting of my cochlear insult:

1. Excruciating pain in my left cochlea
2. Tinnitus resembling the 2nd set of sounds played by the Emergency
Alert System - i.e. the high-pitched, terrifying, psychedelic,
heterodyne-like, sine-wave tones.
3. Sudden and total deafness upon exposure to the SASER beam
4. Psychogenic shock and psychological dissociation due to the extreme
fear caused by the above symptoms.
5. Flashbacks of my house in Stamford, Connecticut in which my parents
and me moved out when I was around 2.5 years of age.
6. Enjoyable yet terrifying thoughts about outer space due to the
astronomically-large intensity and astronomically-high frequency of
the SASER's sound

10^1,000,000,000-to-the-power-10^1,000,000,000 -- now that is one
large large number.

10^1,000,000,000 = 10-to-the-power-1,000,000,000

So you get:

(10-to-the-power-1,000,000,000) to the power (10-to-the-

10^-(1,000,000,000-to-the-power-10^1,000,000,000) = 10^-(10-to-the-

10^-(10-to-the-power-1,000,000,000) to the power (10-to-the-
power-1,000,000,000) is an extremely small number at it equals 10-to-
the-power-NEGATIVE-[(10-to-the-power-1,000,000,000) to the power (10-

The intensity of the SASER's sound is 1 gigawatt per nanometer-
squared. The frequency of the sound emitted by the SASER is
10^1,000,000,000-to-the-power-10^1,000,000,000 cycles every 10^-
(1,000,000,000-to-the-power-10^1,000,000,000) nanosecond

10^-(1,000,000,000-to-the-power-10^1,000,000,000) second is an
extremely short amount of time. 10^-(1,000,000,000-to-the-
power-10^1,000,000,000) nanosecond is even shorter because a
nanosecond is shorter than a second.

No offense but please respond with reasonable answers & keep out the
jokes, taunts, insults, and trivializations. I am really interested in