Do children born deaf usually learn to read?

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Subject: Do children born deaf usually learn to read?
Posted by:  Ken (kkerris…
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007

In a recent thread someone asserted that few children born deaf ever
learn to read. This shocked me because it is, obviously, possible for
such a child to be taught to read. Someone else pointed out that,
without spoken language, learning to read was very difficult.

So I undertook to check out the situation in Australia. I find that
deaf children here usually learn to read. Each State eduction
department has long had special programmes for such children which
are, usually, successful.

This pattern is reinforced by a more recent development - the fact
that  babies are now, routinely, screened for hearing-loss. The
Federal Government offers programmes to assist children identified
with hearing problems with hearing aids and, if appropriate, CI. They,
and their families,  are given years of one-on-one and group support
with the objective  of gaining sufficient language skills to be able
to succeed in a normal school environment.

The people from whom I obtained this information believed that US
education systems have similar programmes and were sceptical that
illiteracy is characteristic of those born deaf in the US. Maybe one
for Michael Moore to look at after 'Sicko'!