Starkey CIC Advice Needed

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Subject: Starkey CIC Advice Needed
Posted by:  joshhemmi…
Date: 9 Feb 2007

I was fitted with my first hearing aids for high freq hearing loss a
couple of months ago: Starkey Destiny 1200 CIC.  They do help; I can
hear & understand normal conversations about 20 to 30% better with
them than without them and I don't need to have the TV and radio
volumes pumped up as high as before.  I also notice little noises now
like the refrigerator compressor kicking in, and of course water
running sounds louder than before.  So, I'm definitely better off with
them than without them, and the vain side of me likes them because
they're undetectable unless you're looking right into my ear from the

The problem is they don't seem to help much at all in crowded
restaurants, where there is background noises, and I'm sure they're
not helping in a nightclub setting, with both other conversations
going on around me plus music playing.  In fact, they seem to
attenuate everything, including the conversation, a little.

My trial period ends in a couple of months; I can trade these for
another brand or type at any time during the trial period.  But would
the larger types be that much better against background noises?  I
would appreciate advice as to which way to proceed.....keep these with
the drawbacks noted or go for a larger, more noticable set of hearing