Question about ear drum replacement

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Subject: Question about ear drum replacement
Posted by:  pubnocw‚Ķ
Date: 25 Aug 2005

My brother is a soldier in Iraq and was involved in a suicide bombing
that amongst other injuries ruptured one of his ear drums and blew out
the other.  He is healing well in the ear that was ruptured, but now 2
weeks later there is no sign of improvement in the other.  The doctors
are saying there isn't enough tissue left for it to heal.  So question
is two-fold.  One, can they do ear drum replacement in this case?  The
damage was caused by the shockwave off of a 700 lbs explosive.  Second,
if they wait until his tour is up, how long can you let this kind of
damage go unrepaired before surgery is no longer an option?

Thanks for any information anyone can provide.