Acute Disappointment with National Hearing Aid Dispenser

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Subject: Acute Disappointment with National Hearing Aid Dispenser
Posted by:  nieā€¦
Date: 4 Aug 2005

Hi recently had two new hearing aids fitted (Oticon Tego for which I
paid $5250.  The first fitting I was asked to listen to the dispenser's
quite loud and sonorous voice to judge whether the aids were working
correctly.  Because I could hear his voice quite clearly (I could hear
it clearly without the aid) I thought the aids were working correctly.
When I got home I found that I had to turn the TV up a lot louder than
I normally do with an aid.  I put in my old aids and found I could hear
a lot clearer with them than the new ones.  I took them back two weeks
later and he sent them off the the factory to have them checked out and
a volume control put on.  When I returned to pick them up I took with
me a small radio to listen to. I told him that I felt it was not good
that he did not have any noise reference for me to listen to. I told
him that listening to his voice was not helpful to me as I needed soft
noises as a reference.  He made an excuse that he used to have a radio
but no longer had one.  Using the small radio that I brought in, and my
old aids I was able to tell him how loud to set the volume.  In actual
fact the aids are good but again he failed to fix the second setting
which is supposed to be good for narrowing directionality in noise.  I
only discovered this when I got home.  I felt he pushed me into a 15
minute appointment without giving me the time to make sure that all the
settings were working correctly.  The telicoil is not working either.
I will have to make another appointment to get this fixed.  I wonder do
other people have this problem that the dispenser does not give any
sound reference apart from their voice?? In the case of a man with a
loud clear voice is is very hard to work out if the aids will pick up
soft sounds.  I felt very annoyed about this.  is .  One good thing
the fitting was excellent - they fit perfectly.