Questions re frequency compression HAs

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Subject: Questions re frequency compression HAs
Posted by:  BHM (bomorr…
Date: 2 Aug 2005

My father has a serious hearing loss. He has been using HAs for about
20 years. He has a total hearing loss at higher frequencies. His HAs
are no longer doing a good job and he has begun work on getting a new
  Even when his HAs were new, I found that I often had to shout at him
to make him hear me, and sometimes he didn't fully hear me even if I
shouted. I think the problem is that these HAs don't do frequency
compression and therefore he is losing the upper frequencies of speech.
Without these upper frequencies, word discrimination goes way down.
  A year or two ago I read on this newsgroup that you can buy a HA that
does frequency compression. That is, it shifts the upper frequencies
that you can't hear down to a range that you can hear. I think this is
what he needs. At that time, there was only one vendor who made such a
HA; I forgot who.
  What vendors make frequency compression HAs now (for sale in U.S.)?
  Are there analog HAs that do frequency compression, or must it be a
digital aid?