Ooops my rocket went bang

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Subject: Ooops my rocket went bang
Posted by:  M.Thom…
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004

Having safely demonstrated hydrogen/oxygen rockets in coke bottles for
many years as a science teacher, one of them decided to explode on the
launch pad yesterday just 40 cm from my ear.

The eardrums are intact (I went straight to the doc) but 24 hours later
the upper frequencies in the closest ear are still completely wiped out
and the tinnitus continues.

I have hunted round the various web-sites but have found nothing which
gives an indication of the prognosis and extent (if any) to which my
hearing will return. I appreciate that some permanent inner ear damage
is likely, but the doctor was just about to leave yesterday so I did not
have a chance to discuss with him.

If there is such a site, could someone please direct me to it?